Our Team

HFF does not consider unsolicited requests for funds and grant applications are provided by invitation only.

Hickey Family Foundation Board

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for strategically directing the Trust to achieve its stated mission.

Nancy E. Baldwin

As the Executive Director and a Trustee of the Hickey Family Foundation, Nancy is the primary liaison between HFF and all external entities including investment banks, grant seekers, legal, accounting and auditing services, and other NGOs and funders.  She manages and coordinates all administration, operations and activities of the Foundation.     

Nancy has held high level administrative, sales, and marketing positions in higher education and private industry since 1973.  She became acquainted with Mr. Hickey and supported him in some administrative capacity beginning in 1980, and was his Personal Assistant through the end of his life in 2006.   Nancy was involved in all aspects of Mr. Hickey’s estate planning and legal activities, including the establishment in 2004 of the Hickey Family Foundation Trust. 

Nancy holds a B.S. in Business Administration, an A.A.S. in Marketing and A.A.S. in Management.  In 2011, Nancy received her certification in nonprofit management from the Nonprofit Management Institute, ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation.

Diana “Dede” Yazzie Devine

Dede has been employed as the CEO of Native American Connections (NAC) since 1979 and has been working with Native American urban and tribal entities since 1972. NAC is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation that provides comprehensive behavioral health services, affordable housing, and community based economic development opportunities. NAC serves all populations, with a targeted mission to serve Native Americans living both in the Phoenix urban area and from nearby tribal communities. 

Dede holds an MBA from Arizona State University and holds international and state licenses in substance abuse counseling.  She dedicates much of her time to local, state and national boards and committees related to housing, healthcare, and other philanthropic efforts.  Her leadership and dedication have been recognized both within and outside the community with numerous honors and awards.

The experience and commitment Dede has demonstrated personally and professionally has been of great benefit to the mission areas of the Hickey Family Foundation since her joining as Trustee in early 2016.

Charles Flanagan

Charles Flanagan, who joined the Board in 2016, is Chief U.S. Probation Officer, District of Arizona, for the United States Courts. His previous experience as Director of the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, as Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, as well as Director of the Correctional Education Division and Program Co-Chair for the Administration of Justice Studies at Cochise Community College make him well-suited for this position. Charles also served recently as Director of Community Partnerships with Rio Salado College.

Charles is the former Director of Arizona’s Department of Child Safety; was Director of the special interim child welfare division, and chaired an independent team appointed by the Governor in 2014 to respond to uninvestigated cases in the child welfare agency. He has more than 29 years in state service of which 22 have been in an executive role, including serving as Warden at two prison complexes; Assistant Director, and CEO of Correctional Industries, as well as having administered all ADC academic and career technical education programs.

Prior to state service, Charles had a successful 14 year career in the performing arts based in the United States and Europe. He holds a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a Certified Public Manager through Arizona State University

Kenneth L. Naiff

During his 24 year tenure at General Instrument Corporation, Ken was Senior Director of Technology, and was responsible for the design and development of the industry-first digital cable system and products – now the most pervasive technology and products in the cable television industry.  Ken received several awards for his contributions to technology while at General Instrument, was awarded multiple patents, and is published in the IEEE proceedings on integrated circuit memory technology.

Prior to his retirement in 2006, Ken was President of The Staplefield Group, established in 1998, a digital technology and marketing consulting corporation engaged primarily in the broadband communications industry.  Ken has served on several corporate and community boards, and was appointed as a Trustee to the Hickey Family Foundation board in 2004.  

Helen B. Trop-Zell, M.D.

With a history of supporting humanitarian causes and a passion for travel abroad, Helen is perfectly suited to participate on the Hickey Family Foundation Board of Trustees.  Her experience in running and participating in volunteer medical missions in places like Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya brings relevant and important first-hand knowledge of the locations and populations served by agencies and NGOs we fund.  Helen serves on other local boards committed to humanitarian relief, both locally and internationally, and has committed herself to improving the medical condition of others through her private practice in Scottsdale since 1995.   

Helen received her M.D. from Emory University School of Medicine, and holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a B.A. in Math from Carnegie-Mellon University.   Helen’s unique education and broad medical experience has added a significant perspective to our Board since joining as Trustee in early 2014.